ProFX+ Trading Program

Fidelcrest ProFX+ is a professional level trading program for experienced traders who have excellent risk management skills and stable strategy to trade funded accounts up to $400,000. ProFx traders can start to earn real money after completing only 1 phase (min 10 trading days). 




10% or 20%


70% or 80%




10% or 20%


70% or 80%

ProFX+ Account Types

Smaller Account Sizes

ProFX+ Program Phases

Get your trading skills evaluated – Reach minimum profit target without violating loss limits – Start trading our capital – Keep up to 80% of profits

Detailed Explanations of Trading Objectives:

STEP 1: Trading Challenge phase

  • Prove that you can trade by reaching min. profit target within 30 calendar days without violating any rules or trading objectives.
  • Once the Challenge phase has been completed you are ready to enter Funded Verification phase and start earning real money.
  • If you will violate any rules or objectives, your challenge account will be failed. All Fidelcrest accounts have automatic 24/7 monitoring.

STEP 2: Funded Verification phase

  • Prove that you can trade with a funded account with responsible and consistent strategy
  • Reach min. profit target within 30 calendar days without violating any rules or trading objectives.
  • You can withdraw your commission for that trading period once you have reached min. profit target for commission payout and passed the verification phase. After that, you are ready to enter Funded Professional Account phase.

STEP 3: Funded Professional account

  • You are now one of our team members and you will receive commission after every trading period you’ve managed to reach agreed min. profit target for commission.
  • You can trade your Funded Professional account as long as you won’t reach loss limits or violate any trading rules and objectives. Each trading period takes 30 calendar days.

Trading period starts any time you will open your position and it will end after 30 calendar days.

To meet this objective, depending on chosen trading strategy, you must trade for 5 to 10 trading days during the trading period. At least one position must be opened on each of these days.

  • A trading day means a day when at least one trade is executed
  • If a trade is held over multiple days, the day when the trade was executed is considered as the trading day.
  • You can proceed to the next phase without need to wait until the maximum trading period of 30 days will end

This rule can also be called “account stop-loss”. Maximum Loss is the difference between your highest recorded balance and your current equity.

Depending on your trading program, phase and chosen trading strategy the difference between highest recorded balance and subsequent lowest equity cannot reach below 5% – 20%.

For example if the maximum loss is 5%, here is the formula for Maximum Loss calculation:

  • Current Equity / Highest Recorded Balance x 100% = must be over 95% at all times.

This rule can also be called “trader’s daily stop-loss”. The rule says that in any moment of the day (EE(S)T – Eastern European Summer Time), the result of all closed positions in sum with the currently open floating P/Ls (profits/losses) must not hit the determined daily loss limit. 

The counting formula: Current daily loss = results of closed positions of this day + result of open positions.

Maximum leverage with all accounts is 1:100.

Depending on chosen trading strategy and phase the minimum profit target to complete the phase or earn commission is set between 5% to 20% of the initial balance. Profit target means that a trader reaches a profit of at least 5% to 20% of the initial account balance in the sum of closed positions on the assigned trading account in 30 trading days. Also, at the end of the trading period, all positions must be closed.

For example: If you trade Challenge with $100,000 capital targeting min. 10% = your profit target is $10,000.

After you have completed the Verification period (Phase 2), minimum profit target will be removed. You can trade your phase 3 account as long as you won’t reach max loss or daily loss limits or violate other rules or objectives.

Super simple rules and min. amount of objectives. Only 1-step evaluation to start earning. Trade funded accounts up to $400,000. You keep up to 80% of profits.  Payouts every month! Trusted by community of +5,000 Traders. No hidden rules or fees. Fully automated account monitoring.


How Does it Work?

Fidelcrest is a Proprietary Trading Company, established in 2018. Our business is to find skilled traders who can make sustainable long term profits.

Once we have found traders who have proved they can trade, we offer them our own capital to trade. Our traders can trade funded accounts as long as max loss limits haven’t been reached and no rules or objectives haven’t been violated. Fidelcrest offers great opportunity to become a professional trader!

Trading Policies:

You may use available promo codes for discounts or to customize your individual trading policies. You can use only one promo code at time. Please contact our customer support for more information about current available promo codes.

Only one user profile per verified individual is permitted and only one active trading challenge (phase 1) account is permitted at the time. One user profile/verified individual can have multiple phase 2 or phase 3 accounts.

Traders are not permitted to allow others to trade their account and may not trade on any other Fidelcrest account. IP addresses, device IDs and behavioral data maps will be used by the automated risk system as a basis for determining unauthorized trading activity.

All traders must be contactable on the telephone number provided during verification at any time a position is held in the markets. Fidelcrest reserve the right to demand extra video verification at anytime. Failure to contact the trader or to verify identity will result in trade deletion and/or account suspension.

Your trading strategy must be responsible and consistent during the whole trading period. This means that your trading must demonstrate that your strategy works in the long term and is not based on pure luck.

Each trade must be held for a minimum period of 10 seconds. This policy is in place to avoid cheating in the demo account environment to make unrealistic profits which are impossible to copy in real life accounts.

This means that if you will for example accidentally open a wrong trade, you must wait until 10 seconds before you can close this trade.

All objectives and accounts are automatically monitored 24/7. All account data is available for 3rd party review any time required.

The client has the right to cancel the ordered services within 14 days of purchasing the services (Fidelcrest Trading Challenge Evaluation Fee). The client is aware and agrees that this does not apply after starting to use the services, meaning opening the first trade on the allocated Challenge account.

After you have completed the challenge phase, you will get your evaluation fee refunded to your bonus wallet. You can’t withdraw funds from the bonus wallet but you can use the balance for example to purchase new challenge accounts.

All Traders are compensated on a profit split basis only. Trader commission depends on the chosen program, risk level and phase. Fidelcrest will pay trader commissions to the traders balance on every time the trader will be eligible for a commission. The trader may request withdrawal anytime when the account balance is positive. Payments will be made by bank transfer or BTC. Alternative payment methods may be available for request.

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The Fidelcrest Trading Challenge is open to traders Worldwide, including the United States and Canada. One of the biggest obstacles most traders face is not having enough Trading Capital.

We solve that! Take the Challenge. Pass. Get Funded!

Brokers & Instruments

Fidelcrest Traders can choose their broker and instruments of choice to participate in the Challenge. We support a wide range of top FX brokers.


Leverage Rates

All Fidelcrest account types have a default 1:100 leverage. This applies for all brokers and for all traders even from US, Canada and EU -countries.


Trading Platforms

Fidelcrest Traders can choose between industry leading trading platforms. Available platforms are MT4, MT5 and cTrader.


Account Analytics & Automated Monitoring

Our proprietary software helps to track trading progress and objectives. Important account metrics are available on the Trader Area and all accounts are automatically monitored 24/7.


Payment Methods & Profit Withdrawals

We are constantly working on adding more withdraw and payment methods to meet every client needs. Currently available withdraw/payment methods are: Credit Card, Wire transfer and BTC.


Trader Support & Customer Satisfaction

Our friendly and knowledgeable Team, located in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa is always ready to support and answer any questions you may have. We are open 24h every business day.

Any Questions? Let’s Talk!